audioEngine Mixers Create Superior Sound for the Superbowl

To stand out in Superbowl advertising is no easy feat, but New York agencies Anomaly, Baron & Baron, Inc. and Deutsch, Inc. worked with the very best in post-production to make it happen – which, when it came to sound, meant renowned audioEngine mixers Tom Goldblatt, Brian Beatrice and Carl Mandelbaum.

Anomaly’s two Budweiser Black Crown spots, edited by Spot Welders and mixed by Tom Goldblatt, aired in the first quarter and turned the heads of beer fans and audiophiles alike. “Coronation” and “Celebration” both feature fans of the new brew drinking Black Crown lager at a party. As the camera sweeps through the room, sonic subtleties emerge: high energy guitar lines join the drums, and an attractive male voiceover narrarates while cheers, laughter and the pour of a Black Crown all blend into the soundscape. Goldblatt’s mix gives the scene an effortless cool, leaving viewers wanting more – which they get, in “Celebration.”

Baron & Baron, Inc. turned up the heat in the second quarter with “Concept,” a smoldering Calvin Klein spot mixed by Brian Beatrice. The spot, which stars the impeccably sculpted Matthew Terry Calvin Klein briefs, features eye-popping slow motion footage of bare skin, rippling muscles and well-oiled machinery. Beatrice’s mix matches metallic synths to every frame, dialing up the sex appeal until Terry’s fierce gaze brings the entire spot to a standstill. Viewers hear an atmospheric clang as the screen fades to black, then the spot wraps as an announcer introduces Concept Calvin Klein underwear.

Deutsch, Inc. and Rock Paper Scissors‘ hilarious Milk Mustache spot, mixed by audioEngine’s Carl Mandelbaum and featuring Dwane “The Rock” Johnson, aired just moments later and treated viewers to an epic mission to catch the Milk truck. Johnson delivers big laughs dodging disaster after disaster in pajamas just to bring home milk for cereal, and Mandelbaum’s mix ensures viewers hear every detail of the mayhem that ensues. Robbery alarms, circus animals, police sirens, an alien invasion – Mandelbaum integrates them all into a soundscape that coexists in harmony with motown hit “Hold On, I’m Comin’” by Styletones. Johnson returns home with a gallon of milk, and the spot ends with a bang as he stands in front of the apocalyptic scene below: he sips a glass of milk and punches an alien in the face just before the “Got Milk?” logo flashes onto the screen.

Ultimately, the Baltimore Ravens triumphed over the San Francisco 49ers to win the Superbowl – but they weren’t the night’s only success story. In the high stakes, fiercely competitive world of Superbowl advertising, four spots with incredible sound crafted at audioEngine also came out on top.

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